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The wrapper actually identifies this series as Creature Feature.   You'll Die Laughing is the name printed large on the back of each card.   Since most people threw the wrappers away, "You'll Die Laughing" is the name this series is generally known by today....


There were two sets of YDL cards released in 1973.   The first set was numbered 1 - 62.  The second set was numbered 63 - 128.

No checklist was made for either series, but most cards in the first series have a caption that encourages people to: "Collect all 62 Creature Feature Cards".

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Most of the second series cards have a caption that demand you to: "Collect the Entire Second Series". (Unfortunately, the number of cards it contains is not printed anywhere....)

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Some of the cards in both sets have a less common caption.  This caption was used on cards that featured a picture from an "American International" film (all of the other cards featured pictures from Universal).   This less common caption reads: "FOR THE BEST IN MOTION PICTURES, LOOK FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL PICTURES AT YOUR LOCAL THEATER".

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The artwork on the back of the cards was drawn by Mad Magazine (and old EC Comics) artist Jack Davis.  This artwork was first used by Topps in 1959 for the original You'll Die Laughing series.  The original series used artwork by Mr. Davis instead of photographs.  The wrapper for the 1959 set identified the series as Funny Monsters.  (Too bad Topps could never match the wrapper names and card name!)

In 1980, Topps released another series with the Creature Feature name.  The 1980 set also featured photgraphs and captions, but the borders are in color.  The 1980 set also featured a sticker subset and different wrapper styles.

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