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Beluk Katse is great!  He (OK, I know BK is a male/female mutant, but it's easier to write he!) relishes in being evil!   Even his underlings aren't safe from his murderous tendencies!  (He reminds me of Batman's arch rival, the Joker!)  He's evil, yet also a whining sissy when the chips are down and it's time to run away!

I wish all the Gatchaman baddies were as cool!

This cel is the only head shot of BK I've even been lucky enough to come across.

Galacter Beluk Katse small.jpg (7692 bytes)


Galacter Katse gets throttled small.jpg (11585 bytes)

Here are a couple of rough animation drawings that feature Beluk Katse.

Check out the "Flintstoney" hands on the drawing to the left!

Galacter Katse & thugs drawing small.jpg (7434 bytes)


Gelle Sadler was even a more tragic figure than Beluk Katse.  Another mutant, GS was originally a young girl named Samy.  She was captured by "Sosai X" and transformed into the evil Gelle Sadler.

Galacter Gelle Sadler small.jpg (6053 bytes)


Galacter Gelle profile small.jpg (6252 bytes)

Here's a nice profile of Ms. Sadler!


Galacter Gelle Sadler no mask small.jpg (5792 bytes)

This is the cel.

This cel is from the final episode of Gatchaman II.  Here, GS has finally learned of her past, watched her mother get killed by Sosai X, and been defeated by Gatchaman... (Kind of a crappy day, don't you think?)

Galacter Gelle Sadler no mask tv small.jpg (8274 bytes)

This is how it looks on TV.


Galacter Gelle Sadler dies A small.jpg (10593 bytes)

As Gelle Sadler lies dying on the ground, she transforms back into Samy.  These cels are from the transformation sequence.  (Also from the final episode of Gatchaman II.)

(The background does not match the scene, as GS is lying on the ground as the transformation takes place...)

Galacter Gelle Sadler dies b small.jpg (7064 bytes)


Galacter Ecobosular small.jpg (7934 bytes)

Eco Bosular is the main Galacter baddie from Gatchaman F.  He is the most arrogant and obnoxious of the three main villains.  He even kills Dr. Nambu in cold blood!

Many of the designs in Gatchaman F seem to have been based on other popular designs of the day.  The "Gatcha-Spartan" looks a lot like the "Imperial Destroyers" in Star Wars.  Eco Bosular has more than a passing resemblence to Yamato's "Dessler"...

Galacter Ecobosular headshot small.jpg (8975 bytes)


Galacter Ecobosular helmet small.jpg (9307 bytes)

Here's Eco Bosular, wearing his "happy helmet"....


Galacter grunts small.jpg (10084 bytes)

Here are a couple of images of the grunts that keep Galacter running like a well-oiled machine. (ha!)

The image on the right may be from episode #21, which is where the image below is from (thanks, Richard!).

Galacter thug drawing small.jpg (6381 bytes)


  gatchepisode21.jpg (11813 bytes)


Galacter doctors and grunts small.jpg (9656 bytes)

Galacter doctors and grunts pencil small.jpg (12557 bytes)

Galacter doctors and grunts tv small.jpg (13223 bytes)

The cel & BG (partial scan).

The rough (partial scan).

As seen on TV (this image is comprised 3 screen shots).

From episode #7 of Gatchaman II comes this pan cel.  The pencil rough lists this as being from episode #9, so I imagine two earlier episodes were held and show later in the run.

This cel was an absolute mess when I found it....  The cel itself was cut in half and each piece was completely adhered to other cels.  A razor was used to cut away the other cels, but care had to be used not to cut the main cel.   What's more, the background was  folded in half and the foreground element was missing.  A new foreground element was made by a little computer magic (and a lot of time & effort!)


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