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The Gatchaman team got a lot of support throughout the three series.   Their main source of support was Prof. Nambu.  In Gatchaman II, they were aided by Prof. Pandora.  In Gatchaman F, Mr. Kamo (kind of a cross between Pops Racer and Star Trek's "Scotty") helped out.  Also, Ken's father (as the leader of Red Impulse) gave his life to save the team (and the planet).  This page features artwork of these unsung heroes!


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Professor Nambu was Gatchaman's co-ordinator.  He was respected by the team, even if they did disobey him much of the time!  Galacter knew of his importance to Gatchaman, so they tried to kill him many times.  Finally, in Gatchaman F, they succeeded....

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Here's another shot of Nambu, this time with a background.


In episode #42 of Gatchaman F, Galacter's Eco Bosular was finally able to kill Professor Nambu.  This left the Gatchaman team without its liaison and confidant.  Their attitude changed considerably as a result.

This cel is from the final scene with Nambu.  He says a few last things to Ken and then slips away.....

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Professor Pandora showed up in the middle of Gatchaman II's run.   At first, the team members didn't trust her, but once she risked her life to save theirs, they came around.  She was also the first person to figure out that Joe was actually a Cyborg....! 

Professor Pandora was actually Gelle Sadler's mother.  Soon after she meets her transformed daughter, Sosai-X kills her...  (Being a friend of Gatchaman is almost as dangerous being Harry Callahan's partner!)


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Here are a couple of drawings from Gatchaman II.

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Red Impulse was an elite squadron of fighters who worked to stop Galacter.  Ken's father was the leader.  He was eventually killed in a suicide mission to save the planet.

This is an early model sheet of Ken's dad.

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This character is well-known to those people (like me) who grew up watching "Battle of the Planets" (the US-version of Gatchaman).  In order to cash in on the Star Wars craze of the late 70's, the producers of BotP created "7-Zark-7".  Zark was a blatant rip-off of R2-D2 and he became their defacto "leader".

Zark traded double entendres with a disembodied voice known as "Susan", and he had a robot dog known as "1-Rover-1".    Here, he converses with "Mark" (Ken's BotP name).

The new animation was really poor, and Ken''s visor in this cel is actually a piece of transparent blue tape!


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