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In order not to slight any of the characters, this page features cels with more than one team member.  (I like team shots the best, even though some of the images can be quite small.)


Cast model sheet small.jpg (26405 bytes)

This is an early model sheet of the team.  The Galacter baddie seen in the middle is listed as "Beluk Katse".  (Obviously, BK's design was later changed.)  This design was used in the show - as the main Galacter sub-boss in the first two episodes.


G-Force! (Some things are better in English!   "Bird Go!" is kind of weak!)

G Force! small.jpg (7892 bytes)


group folded small.jpg (5156 bytes)

Pain is finding a great cel, only to discover is was folded in half by the previous owner...

This is a key-master setup from either Gatchaman II or F.


Group minus Ken small.jpg (6629 bytes)

This is the cel.

This shot of the gang (minus Ken) comes from Gatchaman F.  It's a pan shot, so the image to the right was made up of three separate screen grabs.

Jun's mouth was originally on a separate cel, but that layer was not with this when it was discovered.

Group minus Ken tv small.jpg (6206 bytes)

This is how it looks on TV.


Gatch F group small.jpg (6444 bytes)

The cel.

This cel is also from Gatchaman F.  It's another big pan cel.  (It's over 2 feet wide!)  The lines have faded to brown a little bit, but it still looks pretty sharp!

Gatch F group tv small.jpg (6559 bytes)

As seen on TV!


Ken & Jun dazed small.jpg (9815 bytes)

Ken and Jun are stunned in this key-master set-up from the original series. 

(I don't know which episode it's from.  Any ideas?)


Joe and Jun look good, but the cel itself doesn't!  (This multi-cel set-up is suffering from some of the worst "spotting" I've ever seen...!)

Joe Jun (hazy) small.jpg (4806 bytes)


Joe & Jun in car pencil small.jpg (6900 bytes)

Here's a great cel from Gatchaman II!  Joe and Jun are going over a cliff in a sports car!

The drawing on the left is actually one frame before the cel!

Joe & Jun in car small.jpg (7232 bytes)


Joe Jun at door (unfixed) small.jpg (7157 bytes)

Before enhancement.

This cel was also suffering a bit, but not from spotting.  This cel's linework had really faded.  A digital restoration (of the scanned image, not the cel itself!) was needed.

  Unlike most Gatchaman cels from the original series, it came with its matching unstuck pencil drawing.  The drawing was mostly intact, but some of the image had stuck to the cel when they were separated.

The cel was scanned, as was the pencil drawing.  The linework was then cleaned up and the missing areas replaced (from using what could be seen on the cel).   The image was then digitally lifted from the drawing and placed over the cel's image.  The result is on the right.

Joe Jun at door (fixed) small.jpg (7422 bytes)

After enhancement.


Ken Jun Jimpei small.jpg (11125 bytes)

A cool shot of these three, but I doubt the background matches.


Ken Jimpei small.jpg (7169 bytes)

Ken and Jimpei

Ken Jimpei (net) small.jpg (11091 bytes)


Jun Jimpei in cave layout small.jpg (8842 bytes)

Here's a key-master set-up from the original series.

Jun Jimpei in cave small.jpg (7512 bytes)


A cute cel of Jun (with Jimpei getting in the way)!

Jimpei and cute Jun small.jpg (7801 bytes)


Ken Ryuu Joe with map small.jpg (9720 bytes)

The men of Gatchaman!


Ken & Jun

Ken and Jun small.jpg (7836 bytes)


Team tiny small.jpg (7293 bytes)

A couple of more full team shots:

Left: A very tiny shot of the crew.

Right: A rough from Gatchaman II.

Team drawing small.jpg (12411 bytes)


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