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Joe is the coolest hero ever!  He's tough, hot-headed, and much more of an anti-hero than any other anime character of the day.  His attitude has inspired countless other characters since the 70's!  (He's my favorite male anime character.)


Joe model sheet A small.jpg (21950 bytes)

Here are three model sheets of Joe.

Notice that he has a #3 on his jersey....  (it should have been #1!)

His job is listed as "Racer".

Joe model sheet B small.jpg (21985 bytes)

Joe model sheet C small.jpg (25822 bytes)


Joe episode 1 small.jpg (6924 bytes)

This is the cel.

This is Joe from the first episode of the first series.  Here he is crawling from his car into the Godphoenix.

Joe episode 1 tv small.jpg (7826 bytes)

This is how it looks on TV.


Joe with feather (shadow) small.jpg (5470 bytes)

I wonder who this could be....?

Joe with feather small.jpg (7356 bytes)

...It's Joe!

Joe with feather tv small.jpg (8014 bytes)

As it appears on TV.

These cels of Joe are from the final episode of Gatchaman II.  As Ken is about to get ambushed by a couple of Galacter goons, Joe makes a surprise appearance!  The shadowy cel is all that is seen until a flash of lightning illuminates Joe's face.  The image on the far right is how the cel appears on TV after a special effects layer was added.


These two cels of Joe are among my favorites.

Joe profile small.jpg (6999 bytes)

Joe profile helmet small.jpg (6290 bytes)


Joe_155.171 small.jpg (7394 bytes)

This is a set-up from the first series.  The background was used in two shots, hence the double number written on it.  The two images on the right are original roughs for the shot.

Joe_155.171_strybd_1 small.jpg (7981 bytes)

Joe_155.171_strybd_2 small.jpg (7204 bytes)


Joe and thug drawing 1 small.jpg (5494 bytes)

The Joe layer.

Joe and thug drawing 2 small.jpg (4592 bytes)

The thug layer.

Joe and thug drawing 3 small.jpg (7719 bytes)

A composite of both layers.

One of fun aspects of cel-collecting is finding hidden treasure!   I once bought a pile of Tatsunoko artwork and found a (partial) sequence featuring Joe (at the bottom of the stack)!  The composite images were created by cutting and pasting the different layers together.

Joe and thug drawing 4 small.jpg (6810 bytes)

The Joe layer.

Joe and thug drawing 5 small.jpg (6677 bytes)

The thug layer.

Joe and thug drawing 6 small.jpg (9502 bytes)

A composite of both layers.


Joe blue sky small.jpg (8023 bytes)

Joe at console small.jpg (5968 bytes)

Joe running small.jpg (10056 bytes)

Here are a few other shots of Joe that I thought looked interesting.


This cel has a really wild airbrushed "out of focus" background.

Joe contemplating small.jpg (6171 bytes)


Joe around corner small.jpg (6153 bytes)

Here's Joe coming around the corner in this cel from the original series.

(The linework has faded quite a bit....!)


Joe headshot 1 cel small.jpg (4920 bytes)

Finding unstuck cels from the 70's is quite tough...

Joe headshot 1 pencil small.jpg (6614 bytes)


Joe hand inked small.jpg (6601 bytes)

This is a hand-inked cel, probably created for some sort of publicity purpose.  The detail of the gun is great!


Joe has "fat neck" disease in this cel.....

Joe fatneck small.jpg (8508 bytes)


Joe at the controls small.jpg (9392 bytes)

Here's Joe at the controls of the Godphoenix. 

The chair was actually painted on a cel layer.


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