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Jun is my favorite female anime character (with Speed Racer's Trixie a close second).  Unlike many other female characters of that era, she was strong, independent, yet also very feminine.  (Growing up, I thought she was a great role-model.)  Here are some of the better shots I've come across over the years.  (The two images at the top of this page were the first cels of her I ever found!)


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Jun model sheet C small.jpg (23692 bytes)

These are three model sheets of Jun that were done before the first series.  Notice how her jersey sports a giant "2" on it!   Could she have been the original #2 team member?  Every other image clearly marks her as #3.

By the way, her job is listed as "Go-Go Girl"! (Don't you just miss those kooky 70's?)


jundrawingsmall.jpg (8738 bytes)

This is a drawing of Jun done for me by Roberto Ferrari.  (Thanks Roberto!)


This cel of Jun finds her wandering through some dark forest.   The background is from a different scene, but who cares?

This is one of my favorite cels.

Jun in woods small.jpg (8298 bytes)


Jun in Gatcha3 small.jpg (9309 bytes)

This is the cel & background.

This cel is from Gatchaman F.  Jun is at the controls of her "GATCHA 3".  The cel includes the 2-layer background.  The outside view as seen on TV was just a blue sky effect, but the cel includes a nice seascape! (Behind Jun the ocean scene includes a beautiful rendering of an iceburg!  Too bad you can't see it!)

Jun in Gatcha3 tv small.jpg (8452 bytes)

This is how it looks on TV.


Jun surprised small.jpg (8524 bytes)

I'd say that the background doesn't match the cel, but it works pretty well.  It reminds me of the camera work used on the old "Batman" TV series!


Jun (unfixed) small.jpg (8198 bytes)

When coming across this cel, I was disappointed that the linework had faded quite a bit.

The scan later received a digital restoration job.  The result is on the right.

Jun (fixed) small.jpg (8415 bytes)


Here's Jun, flying among the birds and Galacter grunts...!

Jun on the wing small.jpg (6680 bytes)


This cel of Jun is not from any of the three original Gatchaman series, nor the OAV.  Where is it from?  Well, Tatsunoko produced a couple of OAVs that featured their comical "Time Bokan" series' stars.  Many of Tatsunoko's characters turn up in the second video,  including Jun.

This cel almost qualifies as an adult anime cel...

Jun in tatters small.jpg (6130 bytes)

This is the cel.

Jun in tatters tv small.jpg (8681 bytes)

This is how it looks on TV.


Jun in EC Comics pose small.jpg (9482 bytes)

I have no idea where this shot is from, but I do like the pose.   It reminds me of the reaction shots EC Comics used to use in their horror titles... (gasp!) (choke!)


Jun cute headshot cel small.jpg (5726 bytes)

This cel is from Gatchaman F (episode #5).  Here, Jun surveys some land as she filies around in her "Gatcha 3" jet.

Jun cute headshot pencil small.jpg (6422 bytes)

  Jun handinked promo small.jpg (8604 bytes)

To close out this page is a hand-inked cel that may be a promo cel, or it could be one that some fan made.  One thing is for sure - it's pretty cute!


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