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Cels of Gatchaman mecha are VERY hard to find.  This is because many of the mecha shots were stock footage and constantly reused. 

I like the mecha from the first series the best.  Joe's car and Jun's bike are my favorites.  If any of you have an extra cel of G2 or G3, I'd be interested!


OK, here's the sixth memer of the team - the original Godphoenix!

In Gatchaman II, the original ship was retired, but it came back for a special rescue mission when the new Godphoenix wasn't able to.

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Godphoenix model sheet A small.jpg (24135 bytes)

Godphoenix model sheet B small.jpg (23253 bytes)


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The cel itself (scanned on a dark background).

This cel of the Godphoenix is from episode #8.  In this scene, the ship is being rocked by an underwater explosion.

The scene was shot in and out of focus to make the attack more realistic.  This cel was originally filmed out of focus.

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As seen on TV.


The cel.

G1 small.jpg (4028 bytes)

The pencil drawing.

G1 pencil small.jpg (4366 bytes)

An animated GIF of the plane flying.

G1 (scanime) small.jpg (2799 bytes)

G1 model sheet A small.jpg (24283 bytes)

This is Ken's G1 fighter. 

The cel was hand-inked and it included two cels of the flame effect.   Click on the upper-right image to see an animated GIF of how the effect looks on TV.

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G2 model sheet A small.jpg (23874 bytes)

Here are two model sheets of Joe's G2 racer.

This car is almost as cool as the Mach 5!

G2 model sheet Bsmall.jpg (24783 bytes)


G3 model sheet A small.jpg (23677 bytes)

This is Jun's G3 bike.

G3 model sheet B small.jpg (23913 bytes)


G4 model sheet A small.jpg (24748 bytes)

Jimpei's dune buggy  turns into his G4 tank-treaded flying thing...

G4 model sheet B small.jpg (25112 bytes)


G5 model sheet small.jpg (24340 bytes)

Ryuu's "G5" is the Godphoenix, but in its original state.  It's classified as a "hovercraft".


NewGodphoenixcel small.jpg (5214 bytes)

From Gatchaman II, here are some mecha shots.

NewGodphoenixpencil small.jpg (6591 bytes)

The New Godphoenix

The drawing of the cel over there.

G1 (gatch2) small.jpg (5663 bytes)

This space reserved for a cel of G2!

G3 (gatch2) small.jpg (9626 bytes)



G4 (gatch2) small.jpg (8339 bytes)

G5 (gatch2) small.jpg (8292 bytes)




To finish out this section is a special effects cel of the New Godphoenix.

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