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In 1994, Tatsunoko released a 3-episode Gatchaman OAV series.  The stories were basically reworkings of episodes from the original series.  The characters received makeovers and more modern clothing!  Some people like the new artwork, yet I still prefer the character design of the original series


As seen on TV!

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Back in 1995, when I first saw the OAV, I looked through it to find a cool image I could use as a wallpaper for my computer.  This was the shot.  I thought it would be the cel to get from the OAV.  Six years later, I came across the cel for sale!

It's a very wide pan cel (almost three feet wide)!  It took three screen captures to get the whole thing!  (Scanning the cel itself was even more fun!)

I still think it's the best cel from the entire OAV!

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The cel itself.


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Here's Ken at his station in the Godphoenix.



OAV Ken is Batman small.jpg (10236 bytes)

Here are a couple of other shots of Gatchaman's leader.

OAV Ken with smoke small.jpg (8878 bytes)


OAV Joe & thug small.jpg (5244 bytes)

OAV Joe headshot small.jpg (5704 bytes)

Unlike in the original series, Joe doesn't die at the end of the OAV.  He is still the coolest anime guy ever!


OAV Jun small.jpg (5099 bytes)

The OAV Jun.  (I prefer the design of the TV version, though.)

OAV Jun with ring small.jpg (7652 bytes)


OAV Jun mizugi small.jpg (3866 bytes)

OK, boys! Here's what you've been looking for!

OAV Jun mizugi tv small.jpg (6350 bytes)   How it looks on TV.


The return of "Squatman!"

OAV Jimpei is Squatman small.jpg (6014 bytes)

OAV Jimpei Flying small.jpg (5243 bytes)


OAV Ryuu busts heads small.jpg (6056 bytes)

The shot of Ryuu on the right is almost identical to the shot of him in the regular Ryuu section...

OAV Ryuu at controls small.jpg (8208 bytes)


The unmasked Beluk Katse gets a lot more screen time in the OAV.  Here he/she is dying.  The background is the matching one for this scene and there was only one cel of his/her body used.

OAV Beluk Katse with BG small.jpg (8994 bytes)


OAV Beluk Katse gestures small.jpg (7268 bytes)

OAV Beluk Katse costume small.jpg (6821 bytes)

Here are two more shots of Gatchaman's nemesis.


OAV thug gets feathered small.jpg (6388 bytes)

On the left: Joe has just evened the odds a bit.

On the right: A Red Impulse pilot.

OAV Red Impulse small.jpg (4274 bytes)


The Turtle King.

OAV Turtle King small.jpg (5617 bytes)

Here is some of the show's various hardware.

OAV Fiery Phoenix small.jpg (6022 bytes)

The Godphoenix.

OAV G1 small.jpg (4850 bytes)

Ken's G1 fighter.

OAV G3 small.jpg (5879 bytes)

Jun's G3 hoverbike.


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