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Please know that while we strive to get orders sent as fast as possible, the fact is, our shipping department (Kevin) can only get to the post office about twice a week.  So, even if you pay immediately with Paypal, it may take a few days for your order to go out.  Please understand this and don't expect that immediate payment will result in immediate shipping.

Also, we send all Paypal orders via EMS (express mail) only!  We use EMS for its on-line tracking capability, not necessarily for its speed.  This means we don't expedite EMS orders, although that service will get your order to you faster than via regular mail.

EMS starts at $14.50 to North America & Australia, $18 to Europe, and $20 to South America & Africa.  (Shipping prices needed to go up as of December 2010 as a result of the extremely strong yen.)


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