Speed Racer/Mach Go Go Go


This is it.  This is the show that got me to love Tatsunoko.

This is the only original production cel from Speed Racer that I've ever seen.  (I'm sure more exist, so if you have one and you'd like to trade it for just about anything on the main site or in our personal collections, just ask....!)

speedracer small.jpg (18033 bytes)   gospeedgo.gif (318546 bytes)

This cel is from my favorite episode of the series - episode #41 "The Car Destroyer"!  In this episode, a deranged man uses little toy cars to steal thousands of real automobiles.  The stolen cars are melted down and turned into a beautiful (metal) park.  Robot animals abound, as do lots of weapons which are turned against Speed and the gang.  In this scene, Speed is fending off a number of bullet-shooting toy tanks!

There were only six cels created for this scene.  They are used over and over to give the effect of a major tank battle.  The cel on the left is the first cel of the scene.  It was used three times in the scene, as were the other five cels.   The animated GIF on the right shows how the scene looks on TV.

gogogoscriptsm.jpg (4832 bytes)       gogogopagesm.jpg (8347 bytes)

This is a mega-rare original script from episode #41!    The page shown is where the cel appears!


To see some preliminary Mach Go Go Go artwork, click here!


speedracerpencil small.jpg (13002 bytes)

This is a drawing done at Tatsunoko, possibly by Tatsuo Yoshida or Ippei Kuri.  It was created for some Mach Go Go Go merchandising.


Go Mifune (color) by Ferrari small.jpg (15588 bytes)    Go Mifune by Ferrari small.jpg (8830 bytes)

These drawings of Go were done for me by Roberto Ferrari of Tatsunoko Productions!  (Thanks, Roberto!  You are a very talented artist!)


Speed Racer Limited Editions

speedracer2 small.jpg (17046 bytes)        racer_x small.jpg (14094 bytes)

Here are a couple of Speed Racer limited edition cels.  Nice, but they pale in comparison to the original one...!


Mach Go Go Go (1997)

machgo1 small.jpg (8834 bytes)

Here are some cels from the 1997 Mach Go Go Go remake.

34 episodes were made.

It wasn't very popular....

machgo2 small.jpg (8443 bytes)

machgo3 small.jpg (6512 bytes)

machgo4 small.jpg (10815 bytes)

machgo5 small.jpg (7028 bytes)


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