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OK, so what's a page of classic Warner Bros. characters doing on a site that's primarily Japanese animation?  Well, I love all animation, especially Warner Bros. cartoons.  It's as simple as that!  These characters have endured for over 60 years.  (Let's see which anime characters can do the same!)


Bugs Bunny

Bugs is the one - my favorite animated character!   No other character even comes close (although Speed Racer is high on my list)!

palooka pitch.jpg (79617 bytes)

Palooka Pitch - This is one of only two limited edition WB cels I own.  "Baseball Bugs" is one of my favorite cartoons featuring the wascally wabbit, so when Warner Bros. announced this cel, I knew it would be the first limited edition cel I'd buy.  It was to be released in June of 1995 at $550.00, but two days before the release date, Friz Freleng passed away.  Since this would now be the last signed piece Mr. Freleng ever did, Warners jacked the price to $1600.00!   I couldn't believe the gall in that move, so I passed.  Over the years, I've looked for a better deal on this cel, and I was finally able to add this cel to my collection recently.  (Getting a low-numbered artist's proof was also a bonus!)


looney looney.jpg (43354 bytes)

This is a production cel from the "Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie".  Since the film was a compilaton of classic WB shorts (which were all hand-inked), the producers created hand-inked cels for the bridging sequences.  This cel was signed by Friz Freling and was the first Friz piece I ever bought.


bowery bugs.jpg (69629 bytes)

Bowery Bugs - Art Davis was an animator at the WB studio for years.  In 1946, when Bob Clampett left the studio Mr. Davis became the director of his unit.  He made some terrific cartoons, but only one that featured Bugs.  In 1949, Art's unit was disbanded and he went on working as an animator in Friz Freleng's unit.  This is the only limited edition cel done by Mr. Davis.   Sadly, Art Davis passed away in May 2000.


bugs kool-aid.jpg (49595 bytes)

In the 1960's, Bugs became a pitchman (pitchrabbit?) for Kool-Aid.   Many of the commercials created were done by none other than Tex Avery himself (the man mostly responsible for Bugs' attitude)!  (I don't know if he directed the commercial this cel is from....)  If any of you folks have this commercial on tape, I'd love to get a copy!


Japanese Bugs A1 small.jpg (3756 bytes)

Japanese Bugs A33 small.jpg (4601 bytes)

Japanese Bugs A43 End small.jpg (4605 bytes)

Speaking of commercials, these cels were probably used in a Japanese TV commercial (for Hitachi most likely).  The cel on the left is the first cel in the sequence (A1), the one in the middle is from later in the sequence (A33), and the cel on the right is the last cel in the sequence (A43 End).


Hard-drivin' Bugs A1 small.jpg (8730 bytes)

These cels are obviously from the same commercial.


Hard-drivin' Bugs A20 small.jpg (8536 bytes)


Bugs Bunny bank.jpg (73087 bytes)

This is one of my favorite items!  It's a toy bank (that originally talked when money was put into it), that has been signed by three of Bugs Bunny's directors: Tex Avery, Bob Clampett, and Friz Freleng!  It was signed at a "Festival Of Children's Television" event in the late 1970's.  Since signed Avery and Clampett pieces are so rare, I was extremely happy to find this one!


bugs portrait.jpg (21764 bytes)

This is not a cel, but a rather rare portrait of Bugs.  WB released a bunch of these, but this one is the best!


Daffy Duck

duck dodgers.jpg (44084 bytes)

Duck Dodgers in the Return of the 241/2th Century - This is a great 2-layer production cel from the sequel to the all-time classic Daffy 'toon!  It's signed by Chuck Jones, and the repro background was painted by me!   The image below is how it looks on TV.

duck dodgers tv.jpg (13282 bytes)


porky pig's feat.jpg (29064 bytes)

This cel is from one of the (badly) colorized WB/Seven Arts cartoons, produced in Korea in the 1960's.  Daffy is brown in this cel.  (The cartoon is called "Porky Pig's Feat" and the original was directed by Frank Tashlin.  Frank Tashlin eventually left the WB cartoon studio for a successful career in directing live-action films (one of the only animation directors who has been able to do this).


Other Characters

redpencilsmall.gif (29348 bytes)

redanime.gif (33284 bytes)

redcelsmall.gif (3911 bytes)

This drawing of "Red" is from Tex Avery's classic cartoon "Swing Shift Cinderella" (1945).  The sequence of Red singing was reused in Avery's 1949 masterpiece "Little Rural Riding Hood".  (All of the scenes of Red singing and dancing were drawn by animator Preston Blair, and were not rotoscoped!)

The image on the right was created by "digitally painting" the drawing.


wile e coyote.jpg (47026 bytes)

Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner - These cels were created as part of a new RR cartoon.  The cartoon was part of the "Bugs Bunny's Busting Out All Over" TV special.  Both cels are signed by Chuck Jones.

roadrunner.jpg (44300 bytes)


yosemite sam.jpg (46613 bytes)

Even though Yosemite Sam was a Friz Freleng character, Chuck Jones used him (as Merlin) in the 1976 TV special "A Connecticut Rabbit in King Arthur's Court".  Yup, this cel was also signed by Mr. Jones.


tom and jerry.jpg (43237 bytes)

This is Tom and Jerry from one of the T&J 'toons directed by Chuck Jones.  I think it captures the nature of these two pretty well!


hellooo nurse!.jpg (56700 bytes)

Here's a cool cel from the first episode of Animaniacs. Helloooo nurse!


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